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EWTN News Nightly

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05/20 10:00 PM ET; 05/24 5:00 AM ET; 05/25 2:00 PM ET

Colin Donovan, Father Mark Mary, MFVA, and Cindy Cuellar discuss the growing moral crisis related to End of Life medical care.




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What’s stopping you from becoming Catholic? Catholic catechist, writer and speaker, Dr. David Anders talks lovingly but clearly with non-Catholics & fallen-away Catholics in this live call-in show.


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The story must be told.

Water is bottled and packed at a Nestlé plant in Michigan.


Dude, 365 days a year, I have to let them know where I’m training and where I’m sleeping, and give them any updates to my schedule. If I’m not there, that’s on me. I get a missed test. If I get three of those within a calendar year, I’m suspended for two years. It’s legit, man. I’m tracked wherever I go.


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Conservationists are trying to stop Nestlé from pumping more water from a well in rural Michigan. Nestlé got a permit last month to increase production from the well in Evart, Michigan. The company says it is environmentally sustainable. But residents claim pumping more water will further damage the area's resources.

Nestlé Waters' brands, including Poland Spring, Ice Mountain and Arrowhead, brought in .5 billion in sales last year.

At a Nestlé plant in Standwood, in northwest Michigan, spits out water at a dizzying pace. Bottles are quickly filled, labeled, and packed.

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