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EWTN News Nightly

Monday - Friday 6 PM ET

EWTN's daily news and analysis program from Washington, DC.



Catholic Television

EWTN Theology Roundtable

05/20 10:00 PM ET; 05/24 5:00 AM ET; 05/25 2:00 PM ET

Colin Donovan, Father Mark Mary, MFVA, and Cindy Cuellar discuss the growing moral crisis related to End of Life medical care.




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Open Line

Tuesdays at 3pm ET

Fr. Wade Menezes joins EWTN radio’s topic driven call-in show on Tuesdays. Fr. Wade will takes your questions on faith, family and fellowship. Make sure you call with your questions.




Called To Communion

Sunday - Friday 2pm ET

What’s stopping you from becoming Catholic? Catholic catechist, writer and speaker, Dr. David Anders talks lovingly but clearly with non-Catholics & fallen-away Catholics in this live call-in show.


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It’s risky for me to be taking a supplement or eating something if I don’t know where it comes from. That’s why I eat all organic—because I know what I’m taking. This is my livelihood, and how I get paid!


Each time the clouds turn dark and a storm rolls in over this lush mountain village, Liz Torres mind flashes to that terrifying night last summer.

She sees herself huddling in her basement with her parents, the bloodcurdling howl of Hurricane Marias winds roaring outside. She remembers the storm ripping off the wooden roof of their house, then running upstairs again and again in the rain, trying to save whatever belongings she and her family could grab.


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Dude, 365 days a year, I have to let them know where I’m training and where I’m sleeping, and give them any updates to my schedule. If I’m not there, that’s on me. I get a missed test. If I get three of those within a calendar year, I’m suspended for two years. It’s legit, man. I’m tracked wherever I go.

Outta Control: Lo mein, kitty litter and 'unicorn poop' cupcakes
This wide-angle camera view captures the entire north portion of Kilauea's overlook crater. Photo by U.S. Geological Survey

Yeah, I’m training as a triathlete for my martial arts career, and an Ironman is something I want to do to show how my fighting training pays off—how it has me prepared for something that requires that kind of endurance and mental strength.

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