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EWTN News Nightly

Monday - Friday 6 PM ET

EWTN's daily news and analysis program from Washington, DC.



Catholic Television

EWTN Theology Roundtable

05/20 10:00 PM ET; 05/24 5:00 AM ET; 05/25 2:00 PM ET

Colin Donovan, Father Mark Mary, MFVA, and Cindy Cuellar discuss the growing moral crisis related to End of Life medical care.




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What’s stopping you from becoming Catholic? Catholic catechist, writer and speaker, Dr. David Anders talks lovingly but clearly with non-Catholics & fallen-away Catholics in this live call-in show.


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Fiol said the group wants to work with professionals on the island and help any way they can, whether in school or outside it.

We dont want to be outsiders coming in to fix things, Fiol said. We want to be part of the effort and have them tell us how we can help.

We could talk to teachers


Dude, 365 days a year, I have to let them know where I’m training and where I’m sleeping, and give them any updates to my schedule. If I’m not there, that’s on me. I get a missed test. If I get three of those within a calendar year, I’m suspended for two years. It’s legit, man. I’m tracked wherever I go.


Mansukhani and colleagues said this shows that their novel approach is specific to atherosclerotic lesions and reduces plaque burden after a short time.

"This therapy is designed to be injected systemically but to target and exert its effects only at areas of atherosclerosis. This allows for lower effective doses of therapeutic agents which may otherwise be toxic at higher doses required for efficacy with systemic administration," he told MedPage Today.

The researchers fed these LDL receptor-knockout mice a high-fat diet for 14 weeks and subsequently gave the animals biweekly injections of self-assembling peptide amphiphile nanofibers or control for 8 weeks. At an optimum concentration of 2 mg/mL, the nanofiber could be targeted to atherosclerotic plaque in the aortic root, localizing there for 2 to 3 days before clearing out during days 7 to 10.

Nicholas Leeper, MD, of Stanford University, California, also said that the specificity of these nanoparticles made the study "very exciting."

"The field of nanotherapies has recently expanded beyond its origins as a platform for cancer theranostics into the cardiovascular realm. Work in this area promises to allow precision treatment of atherosclerosis, which remains the leading cause of death in the United States," commented Leeper, who was not part of the study.

Nanofiber therapy for atherosclerosis still needs further study in animal models before moving onto humans, Mansukhani cautioned, adding that next steps include accurately classifying how the liver X receptor agonist is released from the nanofiber and investigating other potential therapeutic agents.

by Annie Georgia Gre...

Ill. governor proposes reinstating death penalty in some cases

Chicago Tribune Visit site

CBS This Morning

Israeli soldiers fire tear gas at Palestinians


iPhone X & iPhone 8: First Look Video

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    Commentary Why Germans are getting fed up with America .

    What differences are there between training for an Ironman and training for a match?