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Colin Donovan, Father Mark Mary, MFVA, and Cindy Cuellar discuss the growing moral crisis related to End of Life medical care.




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What’s stopping you from becoming Catholic? Catholic catechist, writer and speaker, Dr. David Anders talks lovingly but clearly with non-Catholics & fallen-away Catholics in this live call-in show.


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Research has found that loneliness has the same impact on mortality as smoking 15 cigarettes a day, making it even more dangerous than obesity, says Nemecek. Indeed, loneliness and social isolation has been linked to a higher risk of coronary heart disease and stroke. A 2015 study even links loneliness and social isolation with early mortality.

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Volcanic eruption in Hawaii

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    I would have said yes in the past, when I was living the lifestyle I used to back when I was wrestling, and in my earlier days of MMA. I wasn’t as smart as I am now. I didn’t do it the right way. I would just kind of do a crash diet, or eat a little bit less as the fight got closer to get my weight down.

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    Your brain on depression

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    Conservationists say the pumping of water from a local well by Nestlé Waters has adversely affected water levels and aquatic life.


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